As a community activist working every day for transformation in our community's approach to mental health I can honestly say that CRAZYWISE is the perfect tool to create change in your community. We played it and magic started happening. It should be played in every community in the world."

Marc Winn, Co-Founder of The Dandelion Project, Guernsey, British Channel Islands

Phil Borges' and Kevin Tomlinson's new documentary CRAZYWISE is a game changer. It's going to be an important step forward in starting the long overdue conversation on how we define and treat mental illness in America.

Rick Steves, Travel Writer & PBS TV, NPR Radio Host

I can hardly describe the effect that this incredibly powerful and profound documentary had on me. I cried at the end. It touched my soul and moved me beyond words. I felt connected to the reality of the folks in it. I have always felt a spiritual dimension to having voices and seeing visions.

Joanne Newman